Tammy on tour – Arizona

Hello, I’m Tammy, the alter ego of a global traveller and UK wild wanderer called Sue from Newcastle in the UK.

Long, long ago in a land before time, Sue discovered that having an imaginary friend called Tammy to help with her travel plans was a huge bonus and dramatically helped life on the road.

First, friends and relatives could praise Tammy for any stupendous travel success stories on holiday in the UK, Europe or beyond.

She could be held up as a paragon of virtue when discovering hidden places, pinpointing stunning hotels not found in the regular brochures, and researching sites off the tourist track.

Alternatively, she could also be used as a whipping post whenever plans went awry or completely wrong!

So, Tammy Tour Guide was born.

This is her blog from the back woods of the travel frontier.

So don’t praise or blame Sue for what you’re about to read. This blog contains 100% Tammy’s reflections on the world of travel, whether for work or pleasure.

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  1. Loved your reassuring comments on the Vantage motorhome. We’ve just put a deposit on one and can’t wait to get on the open road again. We’ve had ten excellent years in our VW T25 and it’s now time to move on to a van with a bit more comfort. The photographs taken from your van look great and really ‘sell’ motorhoming. Regards, Ian

    • How exciting! We love our van and have been out on the road most weekends. It also performed brilliantly on a trip to Scandinavia over the summer – we drove from Esjberg to Copenhagen over the bridge and then 6 hours to Stockholm. A breeze. Even the customs officers on the border muttered in Swedish (we translated from our extensive viewing of Scandinavian thrillers!) – “sweet, lovely van” when they did the customs search. We have loads of other pics of the van – must send you a few choice ones to whet your appetite! Let us know how you get on and happy to drop you a few tips if you need them.

    • I’ll write a longer post about this shortly as I’ve been away on the road. But I’d suggest thinking about flying to San Francisco and spending three days there as it’s such a great city. There’s some lovely boutique hotels too. You could then hire a camper van (you can’t hire one straight off a long haul flight due to driving rules) and drive up to Sonoma and Napa Valley via Sacramento (cool railroad museum and old town). Wine tasting in Napa is a must! Thee are then several alternatives but I’d recommend the Gold Country, Yosemite National Park (another must), the quieter end of Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Mountain and Joshua Tree National Park. LA is big and sprawling but fun if you’re a huge film fan – studio tours, theme parks, Hollywood and movie star houses are some of the highlights. San Diego is another lovely city but may be too far to squeeze in. The sensational 10 hour coastal drive from SF to LA is also brilliant – Big Sur and the Hearst Mansion are super-impressive. So much to see, hard to narrow down! More soon. Tammy x

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