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Tammy’s top travel tips from Italy


Umbria – Italian Holiday Heaven

When the temperature plummets and there’s snow on the ground, my thoughts turn to summer holidays. Umbria is one of my top tips for a holiday destination if you’re looking for a hot location with a rich cultural mix. Less crowded than Tuscany, more relaxing than the busy Neapolitan Riviera and cheaper […]

White Sands New Mexico

Fifteen wonderful landscapes

Wonderful places inspire and uplift the spirit… and remain etched on the memory for a lifetime. I’d like to share 15 of my favourite landscapes with you… and I’d also love to hear about your special places… Death Valley – California This strange hot cauldron of a landscape with its rippling sand dunes, […]

Art hotel Berlin

Hotels versus apartments

A hotel room or an apartment? That’s the lively debate Tammy was having with her fellow traveller, Dave, earlier this week. He was freshly returned from London where his Hilton superior hotel suite had been upgraded to VIP status. Naturally, Dave was keen to defend the joys of instant […]

Angel of the North

Destination Art

It was only a few years ago that I discovered that there is a growing tourist market for what is called ‘destination art’. You won’t find this type of art in a conventional gallery. It is generally large in scale and tends to be situated in the great outdoors […]

Tammy in Umbria

Down on the farm

After my Italy trip I’m keen to extol the virtues of life on the farm. Fear not, I don’t mean milking cows and delivering lambs (although I’m sure there’s some niche holidays that probably offer this experience), but staying in holiday cottages, apartments and on farm camp sites. […]

Umbrian wine

Wine Tasting in Umbria

As somebody who has long loved wine tasting a trip to Umbria was a real treat but I must admit that I wasn’t really sure what to expect. So, we all know about the super Tuscans but how often have you read about the so-called ‘super Umbrians’? A […]


Umbria – Seven Wonders

Umbria is sometimes called ‘the new Tuscany’ on account of its stunning landscapes, historic towns and superb architectural gems. But for the traveller, the coolest thing about a visit to Umbria is its lack of pretension and its easy-going ambience. You’ll hear me mention ‘authenticity’ quite a bit […]

Rome: Top Travellers’ Tips

A few travel tips on Rome from Tammy’s recent trips… Don’t head for the obvious tourist traps. Avoid restaurants and bars where waiters try to entice you in vigorously. Save money by staying in an apartment rather than a hotel even if it means a short Metro ride […]

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