Tammy gets ready for another trip…

“Travel is fun, fabulous, frustrating, fortifying and frenzied. Make it simpler and surprising with Tammy Tour Guide’s tips and touring ideas.”

Tammy is the alter ego of a global traveller and UK wild wanderer from Newcastle in the UK. This is her blog from the back woods of the travel frontier and the front line of cultural tourism.

Please join me on my journeys and adventures.

I’m a keen camper van traveller and love wildlife, the countryside and the great outdoors.

Art, culture and cuisine are my passions so please come and indulge your senses with me as I visit galleries, museums, restaurants and vineyards.

I’d love to hear your comments so please get back to me with your thoughts too.

Marsden Bay

Tammy on the beach

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    • Thanks Michael – that’s very kind of you. Keep on following Tammy’s travels and feel free to post your thoughts! T x 🙂

    • Hi Nadin, I’ll be in touch soon as I’m just back from being away on holiday. Many of the images are courtesy of the Hayward Gallery and copyright of DACS etc so you may need to check with them. The credits are on most of the images. More to follow. T x

  1. Hi Tammy. Ref Grace Darling.
    I am currently looking into the Grace Darling story, in particular the interest in artists who painted her.
    You have a black and white print/engraving picture on this site of Grace rowing out to the rescue…….or keeping an eye on her father on the rocks.
    l believe this picture was by William Bell Scott……….lf l am wrong do you know who the artist is ?
    Can you let me know where you found this picture or if you know it`s whereabouts ?
    l would appreciate it if you could let me know…………is it at the museum ?
    Hope you can help, Thanks


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