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Travel is fun, fabulous, frustrating, fortifying and frenzied. Discover surprising places and hidden treasures with Tammy Tour Guide’…

Tammy is the alter ego of a journalist, blogger, global traveller and UK wild wanderer from Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdown. This is her blog from the back woods of the travel frontier and the front line of cultural tourism.

I’m also a huge fan of abandoned places and hidden treasures which are often overlooked by travel bloggers.

Please join me on my journeys and adventures where I’ll share my top tips on the best cultural attractions.

One of my best travel experiences was a trip to the former Cold War bunker in Latvia where you can go underground into a secret world, once a hive of military activity with the Russian command planning operations.

Another favourite place is Tyneham village in Dorset which was abandoned in World War Two so it could be used by the military in case of a Nazi invasion. It’s a brilliant and moving place which is genuinely locked in time.

Some of my most popular posts are about out-of-the way villages and deserted places, including San Andreas in Spain and the ‘cat hotel’ in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Great Outdoors

I’m a keen camper van traveller and love wildlife, the countryside and the great outdoors as well as a huge sport fan.

Having a camper van has been a great boost to my travel adventures, and there have been many surreal experiences on overnight stays, notably on an alpaca breeding farm, a Spanish bull ring, and a Yorkshire stately home.

On one notable trip, I had to rescue two escapee baby lambs who had got under a fence. My farming skills reached new heights when I was forced to round up a herd of llamas in Devon whilst the owner was away.

Boats, Planes and Automobiles

There have also been multiple adventures on the family yacht including a dipping in the Derwent Reservoir when my sailing skills proved less than ‘competent crew’ level.

The Caledonian Canal in Scotland was another highlight in the boat despite torrential rain and 35 mph winds on a very bumpy Loch Ness. And no, we didn’t even see Nessie, the elusive monster!

My latest family acquisition is a vintage Morris 8 car which has been a great way of re-enacting the past. The car dates from 1937 and it’s ideal for visiting the local seaside in Whitley Bay.

Culture Shock

Art, culture and cuisine are my passions so please come and indulge your senses with me as I visit galleries, museums, restaurants and vineyards.

From London to Brussels, New York to Nice, there have been endless trips to museums, art galleries and monuments.

I take in dozens of art shows every years so I can bring you the very best recommendations, especially in the UK.

Please start your journey here with me – there are plenty of travel ideas and practical tips that the guide books and Instagram don’t tell you about…

Marsden Bay
On the beach

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    • Thanks Michael – that’s very kind of you. Keep on following Tammy’s travels and feel free to post your thoughts! T x 🙂

    • Hi Nadin, I’ll be in touch soon as I’m just back from being away on holiday. Many of the images are courtesy of the Hayward Gallery and copyright of DACS etc so you may need to check with them. The credits are on most of the images. More to follow. T x

  1. Hi Tammy. Ref Grace Darling.
    I am currently looking into the Grace Darling story, in particular the interest in artists who painted her.
    You have a black and white print/engraving picture on this site of Grace rowing out to the rescue…….or keeping an eye on her father on the rocks.
    l believe this picture was by William Bell Scott……….lf l am wrong do you know who the artist is ?
    Can you let me know where you found this picture or if you know it`s whereabouts ?
    l would appreciate it if you could let me know…………is it at the museum ?
    Hope you can help, Thanks


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