Rome: Top Travellers’ Tips

Roman head

Get a-head in Rome

A few travel tips on Rome from Tammy’s recent trips…

  • Don’t head for the obvious tourist traps.
  • Avoid restaurants and bars where waiters try to entice you in vigorously.
  • Save money by staying in an apartment rather than a hotel even if it means a short Metro ride into town. Most Metros run late into the night. You can also self-cater for part of the time, again saving money on meals out.
  • Many cheap flight operators fly into Rome including Jet2 and easyJet.
  • Buy a three day travel pass which can be used on trams, buses, Metro and local trains.
  • Most museums and galleries shut on a Monday so check times before travelling. Exceptions are the Forum/Colosseum and the Vatican Museums.
  • Try the delicious local fare including Saltimbocca Romana rather than sticking to tourist menus. The Guardian has published a list of top 10 Rome restaurants which is very useful.
Aurelia Vatican Apartments

Aurelia Vatican Apartments – a better option for visitors?

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