Welcome from Tammy Tour Guide

Tammy on tour – Arizona

Hello, I’m Tammy, the alter ego of a global traveller and UK wild wanderer from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.

Long, long ago in a land before time, I discovered that having an imaginary friend called Tammy to help with my travel plans was a huge bonus and dramatically helped life on the road.

First, friends and relatives could praise Tammy for any stupendous travel success stories on holiday in the UK, Europe or beyond.

She could be held up as a paragon of virtue when discovering hidden places, pinpointing stunning hotels not found in the regular brochures, and researching sites off the tourist track.

Alternatively, she could also be used as a whipping post whenever plans went awry or completely wrong!

So, Tammy Tour Guide was born.

This is her blog from the back woods of the travel frontier and the frontline of cultural tourism.

This blog contains 100% Tammy’s reflections on the world of travel and culture, whether for work or pleasure.

Tammy in Berlin with AV

Tammy in Berlin with AV

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