Postcards from the edge

Tammy succeeds in finding a supermarket in suburban Rome but like a lot of places there is no evidence of a post office!

I have a new dilemma on my holidays. Should I send postcards to my nearest and dearest when I’m away? Or are those glossy bits of card outdated and superfluous on the modern vacation?  And does anyone ever read them anyway?

After all, virtually everybody is now on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest or Word Press so the lucky traveller can upload his or her  photos and messages instantly onto countless social media sites without so much as the lick of a stamp.

Better still, why not make your snaps look fabulously retro and cool with the help of an APP like Instagram?

But for me, it’s not just the rise of social media that is the main reason that my postcard sending has started to decline.

In rural Umbria on a recent trip to Italy I couldn’t even find a post office or tabac to buy any stamps from!

The same thing happened to me when we were in France recently – and even Utah in the US of A was a toughie for postcard writers.

With the decline of post offices, it’s bad enough finding stamps. Long Italian lunch hours and random closing times at shops & tabacs have also made buying stamps tricky for even the most dedicated postcard sender.

On my latest trip I failed to find anyone willing to sell me any stamps (francobelli in Italian) – and had to resort to paying the hotel back in Rome to post them for me as it was the last day of the trip.

The cards arrived today – almost a week after my return home.

So, was it worth all the hassle? Well, at least the old folks were delighted to receive one – but then, they haven’t mastered email yet, let alone Facebook.

Have postcards finally bitten the dust on vacation? What do you think?

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